Online Business Management Classes

Accredited online business management classes offer students a leg up in the highly competitive field of business by teaching them about marketing, finance, economics, accounting, and administration and management. By taking online courses in the subject, students develop necessary skills such as statistical analysis, written and verbal communication, social perceptiveness, judgment and decision making, and leadership.

Online Business Management Classes

Business management teaches students how to overcome the challenges of the business world by running organizations smoothly and guiding the members of a company toward a common goal in the most effective way possible. Students studying this area of business must first become proficient in basic business topics such as finance, economics and accounting before focusing on advanced matters such as human resources and administration.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in the following subjects:


Marketing involves communicating a company's message to customers and building a relationship between them. Business managers must know how to identify, reach, and retain customers through effective marketing.


Students learn about finance, or the study of the management of funds. They should develop an understanding of the branches of finance, including personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance.


Studying economics provides students with foundational knowledge of how the production and consumption of goods and services affect a business. Coursework in economics gives students a strong understanding of concepts such as supply and demand and cost-benefit analysis.


Online courses instruct students in the principles of accounting, which includes keeping and communicating various types of financial records. Students learn to read balance sheets, understand financial statements, and perform basic bookkeeping.

Administrative Management

Administrative management involves understanding how to provide the people who make up an organization with the resources they need to work effectively. Students in this subject learn how to effectively communicate with and manage groups, resolve conflicts, and improve workplace organization and performance.

Skills Developed

Online classes help students increase their skills in the following:

Statistical Analysis

Classes in business management teach students to read and analyze financial data. By developing their statistical analysis skills, students will be able to look at financial and efficiency statistics and understand what they mean for a company.

Written and Verbal Communication

Business management students learn to manage people, and the best way to do so is through effective communication. Through written tests and group exercises, typical courses teach students to successfully communicate with others around them, both when speaking and writing.

Social Perceptiveness

Students develop social perceptiveness skills in order to better grasp the verbal and nonverbal behavior and actions of others. This important skill prepares students to listen to their team members' input and use it to create a more effective workplace.

Judgment and Decision Making

Decisions in the business world can affect hundreds of jobs or even the fate of an entire company, so it's important that students learn to make good choices at a moment's notice. Students learn to be aware of their underlying biases and how they might influence their judgment in various situations.


Many classes teach students how to exert leadership to inspire and motivate their colleagues. Students study different styles of leadership and how they can improve or harm the productivity of workers in an office setting.

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