Online Business Administration Classes

The study of business administration focuses primarily on effective management within small businesses and large firms. Students learn every aspect of managing a business to make sure an organization runs smoothly and reaches it goals. A business administrator or manager will have different roles based on the size of a company, but students can expect to learn to solve problems and run an efficient business.

Knowledge Gained

Students in online classes will gain knowledge in the following areas:


Classes will teach students marketing terms and concepts like product development, pricing, sales promotion and distribution relative to the consumer. Students study and compare marketing practices in local and international markets with an emphasis on how to grow and compete successfully.


Finance courses typically cover personal finance, financial institutions and managerial finance to help guide financial decision making for an individual household or a business. Students learn to evaluate investment opportunities and manage the flow of money between earnings and expenses.


Students will focus on principles and theories of microeconomics in connection to real world market problems and changing economic conditions. Topics can include supply, demand, production, cost, pricing, manufacturing and distribution of goods and services.


Online college courses will teach students the basic understanding of mathematics, including how to work with calculations and track numerical data within an organization. They are introduced to a number of mathematical formulas that can be used in business and will also learn to provide proof for calculations.

Administration and Management

All online classes for business administration will touch on concepts of administration and management for general business, small business, and corporate administration. Topics can include designing business plans, organizational structure, job training, benefits, labor relations, and compensation.

Skills Developed

Online classes help students develop valuable skills in the following areas:

Written and Verbal Communication

Most students learn verbal and written skills that are important for working with team members and for delivering clear reports, emails, and presentations. Courses emphasize successful communication skills like using correct business terms and demonstrating professional behavior and speech.


Students enrolled in business administration online classes learn how to become leaders within an organization and help others achieve goals for the good of a company. Leadership skills that students will learn include decision making, problem solving, prioritizing responsibility, and conflict resolution.

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