Online Biology Classes

Accredited online biology courses will teach students a wide range of knowledge, which includes life systems, cellular biology, organisms, evolution and ecology and genetics. Students will also learn a variety of skills, including critical thinking, research, computer skills, communication and data analysis.

Online Biology Classes

The study of biology centers on an understanding of the living world. Topics of study include the foundations of life, the structure and function of plants and animals, and organization of living systems. Biology classes prepare students for a bachelor of arts or science degree or graduate studies in research. Careers span into health care, teaching, park management, environmental planning, government agencies and biology, biotechnology, health and pharmaceutical research.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in the following areas:

Life Systems

Students will learn the origin and organization of living systems from molecules to habitats. Students study the composition of life forms, how life evolves and adapts and emergent properties of biology at both the cellular and ecosystem level.

Cellular Biology

Online college courses in cellular biology focus on the structure and function of cells and governing principles of cellular processes. In a cellular biology class, students may examine and study plants, animals and single cell samples as well as the historical discoveries that influenced modern cellular science, biochemical and medical advancements.


Students learn the form and function of living organisms and their growth, development and reproduction. Focus is on the whole organism and its component parts with an emphasis of study on higher plants and vertebrate animals.

Evolution and Ecology

Students learn the scientific concept of biological evolution and common ancestry by examining the history of life and looking at patterns on a small and grand scale. Students will also explore the dynamics among living species, the science of ecology and interactions between living organisms and the natural environment.


Biology students are required to study genetics and the molecular function and structure of cellular genes. Students will also study Mendelian genetics, which is the science of inheritance and the process of how hereditary characteristics are passed from parent organisms to offspring.

Skills Developed

Online classes also support student development of thinking and analyzing skills including:

Critical Thinking

Biology students develop scientific critical thinking skills, such as observation, problem solving and hypothesis prediction and testing. Online biology classes teach students to think analytically about scientific investigation and research methodology.


Students learn to research scientific theories, issues and information and then present their findings in scientific papers. Research skills include selecting topics, finding appropriate sources, how to evaluate content, organize information and ideas and accurate citation of resources.

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