Online Biochemistry Classes

The best online biochemistry courses prepare students for diverse science careers by providing instruction in biology, chemistry, mathematics, statistics and physics. Students in online courses for biochemistry also build practical skills for the workplace, including data handling and analysis, research, deductive and inductive reasoning, computer and interpersonal skills.

Online Biochemistry Classes

Students will study the chemical reactions, structures and processes of living organisms. While full online biochemistry degree programs are rare, many schools offer online classes in biochemistry and other disciplines that satisfy degree requirements. A biochemistry degree opens up employment opportunities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forensic fields and provides a strong foundation for further study in biochemistry, medicine, dentistry or veterinary science.

Knowledge Gained

Students in top online courses for biochemistry build knowledge in several subjects, including:


Coursework includes biology, which teaches students about living systems and organisms at the molecular, cellular and organismal levels. In these classes, students become familiar with the structures, functions and interactions of molecules, cells and genomes, discuss bacteria and viruses and also learn about physiological processes like respiration and circulation.


Students also learn the principles and practice of organic, analytical, physical and biological chemistry. Classes focused on chemistry cover the properties of common elements and compounds, reaction mechanisms, experimental techniques and instrumental approaches, and also discuss biomolecules like proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.


Students must also complete mathematics coursework, particularly in calculus of one variable. Required mathematics classes for biochemistry students provide an overview of integral calculus, looking at integration techniques and how to apply them in different fields like biology, chemistry and medicine.


In addition, students develop a strong foundation in statistics and statistical analysis. Students will acquire common techniques and learn to apply different statistical methods as well as gain understanding of probability laws and models, random variables, hypothesis testing and estimation.


Students will generally take physics classes to satisfy degree criteria. In addition to covering the development and application of classic physics principles like Newton's law, physics classes for biochemistry students offer further math technique instructions and highlight analytical problem solving.

Skills Developed

Students will also develop extensive skills, such as:

Data Handling and Analysis

Biochemistry students cultivate a solid understanding of how to handle and analyze a variety of data. Students become sensitive to the handling the needs of products and materials, acquire skills in testing materials for potential hazards and reactions, and learn to analyze and interpret an assortment of data.


Students also hone their technical and scientific research skills with different methods and coursework in research design and clinical trial planning. Students become proficient in applying research methods, identifying relevant information, compiling and organizing facts and presenting research effectively.

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