Online Automotive Classes

All accredited online automotive courses will help students develop knowledge of engine repair, steering and suspension, safety and environmental concerns, electronics, and emission certification. Additionally, students can expect to develop skills in reasoning and analysis, customer service, reading comprehension, repair procedures, and dexterity.

Online Automotive Classes

Online college courses in the field teach students all aspects of car maintenance and repair that are necessary to operate a successful automotive business. In addition to the mechanical skills needed to repair engines, transmissions, drive trains, and other important systems in a vehicle, students can expect to learn how to interact with customers and use computers to improve business management.

Knowledge Gained

Students will be taught key knowledge in the following areas:

Engine Repair

Students will be educated in all aspects of engine repair, from the 4 cylinder to the V8. Students interested in working with more specialized engines may take classes in diesel engines, boat engines, or high performance engines such as the V12.

Steering and Suspension

Students are taught the basics of steering and suspension repair. Students who wish to specialize in steering and suspension may take a year's worth of coursework in this specific field to become NIASE certified.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

The coursework should explain the importance of vehicle emission safety and environmental awareness. Students will learn how to identify issues with a vehicle that may become safety hazards and how to ensure compliance with the current road regulations.


Students will learn how to interact with the many electronics systems found in modern cars, read electronic gauges, run diagnostics, and optimize vehicle performance based on that information.

Emission Certification

The courses teach students how to perform emissions tests on all types of vehicles. Students can expect to learn how to determine if a vehicle is up to emissions standards, what repairs are necessary, and when a vehicle is simply not worth investing the time or money.

Skills Developed

The best online classes provide students with skills related to both mechanical repair and customer service, including:

Reasoning and Analysis

Students are taught how to interpret data from diagnostic tests to help customers determine the best repairs for a vehicle. They can also expect to learn how to observe a vehicle, analyze any physical signs of problems, and gather information from a vehicle's internal diagnostic systems.

Customer Service

Courses emphasize customer service as an essential aspect of running an automotive repair business. Whether self-employed or working for another mechanic, being friendly, helpful, and attentive are essential ways to ensure repeat business and increased revenue.

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