Online Audio Production Classes

Students will learn to plan, supervise, and fine tune the performances, recordings, and publications of music and other sound. They will also discover all phases of recording and editing in order to manage the overall process of producing a recording. The offered courses may also include the management and financial aspects of the music business.

Knowledge Gained

By enrolling in the online classes, students will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

Music Business

Music business courses cover the legal, financial, and marketing aspects of music production. The courses touch on copyrights, licensing, contracts, deal structures, and the impact of technology on the business of music.

Record Production

Classes on record production will teach students the business and creative aspects of producing a recording, from the initial demo to the final master recording. Students will discuss the concepts behind record production, including development of the artist and their creative vision, track selection, and negotiating the demands of artists and record companies.

Digital Mastering

Digital mastering classes explore the principles used to convert an already mixed recording into a finalized master recording. Online classes discuss the digital analysis of sound recordings, using software to ensure the final recording is consistent.

Game Music Production

The study of game music production covers the business and technical aspects of creating the soundtrack for an interactive video or computer game. Classes will cover topics such as dividing work between sound designers and composers, mixing techniques specific to the game industry, and workflow management.

Music Editing

Music editing classes teach students the ideas and techniques used to rearrange, modify, and remove material from an audio recording. Students will focus on specialized software that is used to manage and perform editing tasks, as well as the principles required to make editing decisions.

Skills Developed

Students will also develop the following skills:


Students will practice the techniques involved in capturing and recording audio performances. They will also hone their skills in electrical and acoustic planning, equipment positioning, and noise control.


Students will be offered the opportunity to rearrange and mix recorded audio tracks. The best audio production online courses will teach students to pair audio to a visual production, change the tone and volume of sounds, and incorporate audio into a variety of mediums.

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