Online Audio Engineering Classes

The study of audio engineering focuses on designing and editing the production of sound. Students will gain an understanding of the analog elements of sound, such as acoustics, as well as the digital elements, like circuitry. By enrolling in classes, students will learn to produce a range of desired audio effects in the studio or on stage.

Knowledge Gained

The best classes will teach concepts in the following areas:

Live Sound

Students will learn the principles needed to effectively amplify or record the sound for a live performance or public event. This includes understanding preproduction, wiring, live mixing and acoustics.

Signal Processing

Students will gain an understanding of electrical signals and how they transmit and modify sound information. Classes will discuss analog or continuous signals, digital or discrete signals, hardware processing and software processing.

Digital Mastering

Students will learn to modify previously mixed sound recordings to create the best sounding final recording. Digital mastering courses will cover the use of software to analyze digital audio signals and remix recording data to make the resulting sound better and more consistent.

Studio Design

Courses in studio design cover the ideas and methods behind the layout of a successful sound recording studio. Students will research important concepts like studio acoustics, audio circuitry design, mixing board installation and sound insulation.

Music Editing

The study of music editing covers the concepts needed to make modifications to the content and sequencing of an existing sound recording to accomplish a desired effect. Accredited audio engineering online classes discuss the use of specialized software to arrange tracks, remove unwanted material and insert new sounds.

Skills Gained

Classes will also help students develop the following skills:


Students will discover the practical skills involved in capturing an audio recording. These include setting up equipment, troubleshooting electrical circuits and proper placement of instruments and microphones.


In addition music editing, students will gain practical experience in different types of sound editing. Students will also learn to edit dialogue, transitions and side effects while also taking tempo, time and video effects into consideration.

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