Online Art Classes

The study of art focuses on understanding traditions behind it, creating new works and promoting support for artists and their projects. Topics generally include art history, studio art, film, photography, sculpture, painting and online graphic design. Courses teach students to analyze, evaluate, interpret and create artistic expressions. Classes are offered to students majoring in the subject, studio artists and students preparing for careers in art education and management.

Knowledge Gained

Classes typically provide students with knowledge in a variety of areas, including:

Art History

Classes provide students with an overview of Western and Asian art, and art outside the European tradition. These courses explore eras, themes and approaches with an emphasis on major art works and artists from antiquity through classical, medieval, Renaissance and modern periods.

Studio Art

Students learn to create and interpret works using a digital environment for critique and evaluation. In these classes, students can expect to concentrate on a single medium, such as drawing, painting, ceramics or photography.

Art Design

These courses teach students fundamental principles of visual production, including knowledge of materials, tools and technologies. Students can apply knowledge of 2 and 3 dimensional art in fields such as online graphic design, fashion design, advertising, illustration, game and industrial design.

Arts Education

Students interested in teaching this will find this course particularly useful as it focuses on introducing the subject to school age children and how to present historical and cultural perspectives, promote art literacy and make it relevant.

Art Careers

These classes provide training for fields related to this subject in entertainment, architecture, web design, new media and nonprofit organizations, such as museums and urban art projects. For each field of study, students receive a sound foundation in both creative and practical applications.

Skills Developed

Through their studies, students will gain skills in the following areas:


Students will learn to write about art and research styles and periods, as well as integrate art study into a variety of disciplines. In addition to creating or critiquing works, students can expect to describe and explain ideas and methods through course papers and projects.

Art Techniques

This course covers fundamentals of drawing, painting, color theory, perspective, proportion, form and structure. This teaches students to create projects as well as how to choose and apply art techniques to produce original works.

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