Online Advertising Classes

Studying advertising gives students the training to conduct market research, copywriting, art direction, and presentation. This area of study will focus on persuading an audience to take or continue some action. Usually the desired result is for people to buy something, although political ads are also common. Students focus on traditional media such as newspaper, television and radio, and new approaches like using social media.

Knowledge Gained

Students taking online classes should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:

Sales and Marketing

Courses teach the marketing process, which includes discovering what product a customer wants, producing and pricing the product correctly, and promoting the product. Sales itself involves persuading or influencing a customer to buy a product or service.


Those who work in the industry use psychology in ads as an effective means to sell a product. Students will understand the underlying concepts that affect human psychology to help a company sell products or to help consumers understand marketing strategies that affect spending habits.


The best advertising classes provide students with mathematical tools to calculate advertising costs versus profits generated for a product. Students also learn to create mathematical models of customers' past buying habits to predict what products are likely to be purchased now or in the future.


Students should learn about layout and design elements for advertisements in different media through their coursework. Students will learn to combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages in print and online.


The best courses online for this field demonstrate how the English language is used differently in advertising than it is in other forms of writing or conversation. Students learn to use the English language in ways to grab attention, establish credibility, stimulate desire for a product, and motivate people to buy.

Skills Developed

Students will also develop skills in these areas:

Creative Thinking

Top online classes teach creative thinking as a way of looking at situations from a fresh perspective to generate new ideas and solutions. Students are able to stimulate creative thinking by using processes such as brainstorming or lateral thinking, where one known idea is used to create new ideas.

Information Ordering

Information ordering shows students how to put content in an advertisement in the most appropriate sequence. Students learn the best order for most ad copy, such as headline, lead, benefits, offer, and order device for a direct response campaign.

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