Online Acupuncture Classes

Online acupuncture courses educate students on many areas, including anatomy and physiology, pathology, Chinese medicine, meridians and points and needling. Courses will also help students develop skills like manual dexterity, patient interaction, inductive and deductive reasoning, judgment and decision making and observation.

Online Acupuncture Classes

The study of acupuncture focuses on treating illness by applying needles to specific points on a patient's skin. The ancient traditional Chinese medicine therapy is said to alter the flow of energy through special pathways in a person's body. Online courses can offer certification by helping students understand the body and disease, teaching needle application and explaining other traditional treatments.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in these areas:

Anatomy And Physiology

Acupuncture practitioners seek to alter the behavior of the patient's biological systems and need to understand the processes of the body. Students will learn about the skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how these systems interact with one another.


The most common goals are to manage disease and pain. Top online courses will explore different types of disease a practitioner may treat, including problems with the immune, muscular or skeletal systems, mental or social disorders and skin, hair and nail problems as well as other illnesses.

Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is part of a broader tradition of Chinese medicine, which is based on more than 2,000 years of tradition. Accredited classes use traditional Chinese herbal treatments, managing nutrition and breathing exercises.

Meridians and Points

The underlying belief in the practice is that qi, or energy, moves through channels called "meridians" in the body, which closely mirror the nervous and circulatory systems. Courses will discuss the location of important points for treatment along these meridians.


Once a practitioner identifies a health problem and locates the proper points for treatment, the next step is to apply needling techniques to those points. The best online acupuncture classes discuss techniques appropriate for scalp, hand, and foot treatments and for increasing, decreasing, or balancing qi flow.

Skills Gained

Students will also develop related skills, including:

Manual Dexterity

Because acupuncturists must make precise and repeated insertions of needles into sensitive areas of a patient's skin, manual dexterity is an essential skill. Classes will emphasize precision, hand eye coordination and fine motor control.

Patient Interaction

Practitioners must interact effectively with patients in order to gain trust and provide effective treatment. This includes clear verbal and written communication regarding treatment as well as nonverbal communication or bedside manner.

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