Online Acting Classes

The study of acting centers around understanding roles in human interaction to outwardly express emotions for the purpose of entertaining others. There are three traditional areas of acting: film, television and theater. Emerging multimedia and digital technology have also created new ways of studying and performing. Online classes are similar to traditional, campus classes and will offer a comparable curriculum that includes online lectures and discussions.

Knowledge Gained

Students will be provided with knowledge in a number of areas, including:

Voice Production

Students will learn the elements of voice production, including volume, pitch, tone, and rate of speech. They will also learn the importance of proper breathing and how to indicate appropriate emotion with rising and falling inflection.

Acting for the Camera

These classes highlight valuable techniques of on-camera performance that bring a deeper level of truth to an actor's performance. Some courses define a student's "actor type" and offer training for on-camera auditioning.

Theater History

Theater history requires students to read stage plays and watch productions covering a variety of themes that have evolved over time. These classes focus on both highly acclaimed and lesser known historical works so students are able to gain a deeper understanding of theater.

Scene Study

Courses of this type use scene study to teach students basic techniques like acting terminology and more advanced skills like emotional connection and character development. Students learn by performing scenes and giving and receiving constructive feedback to get a real life feel for acting.


Students will have the opportunity to take directing classes to gain knowledge of the overall production process. Stage direction is a main area of focus, but students will also learn to design scenes, sound and lighting.

Skills Developed

Enrolling in accredited acting courses will also help students develop the following valuable skills:

Public Speaking

The experience of acting classes online will give students the confidence needed to excel in a public speaking situation. Students can expect to deliver more effective speeches by using proper clarity and pace.

Social Perceptiveness

Students enrolled in online acting classes will develop a greater awareness of human interaction. By paying attention to word emphasis, tone and pitch in everyday life, students can apply a new level of authenticity to a variety of acting roles.

Reading Comprehension

Students will learn advanced reading comprehension while taking online courses for acting as they interpret screenplays and stage plays to recognize structure, pacing and character development. Students will be trained to read for word emphasis and emotion in each scene to understand what makes a performance compelling.


The best online classes for acting will teach students how to define the actor's craft, the performance process and creative development. Students can expect to be comfortable working with other actors and be prepared to enter the industries of film, television, theater or digital media.


Students studying acting courses online will learn the importance of communication, since discussion and cooperation are both vital components of acting success. Students will learn to give and receive valuable feedback and harness that information to deliver a dynamic performance.

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